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About Us

Spirit Fingerz were invented in 2007 by our company Founder and CEO, Teresa Denham. Since that time, we have been granted a patent on our product that has enabled us to secure sports licensing agreements for all the major professional leagues through our partnership with WinCraft. In the last few years, Spirit Fingerz have been sold in stadiums, sporting goods stores, large national retailers and local family owned businesses across America. We have sold Spirit Fingerz to cheer teams, high schools and fundraising organizations looking for a fun and unique product. In addition to our professionally licensed products, Spirit Fingerz has developed a line of Colorz - that can be purchased as blank gloves or give you the option of having your own logo embroidered on them. Custom embroidered gloves are available in quantities starting as low as 18 pairs. All of our custom gloves are embroidered for a good reason: customer satisfaction. The quality and durability of an embroidered logo is superior to any other customization method. This method is much less profitable than other options, but your happiness and satisfaction with our products is extremely important to us - our name is on every pair! In 2014, we moved our warehouse and fulfillment operations to Anaheim, California to enable the growth of our online direct-to-consumer channel within the United States and have plans for international expansion very soon.


Working as a career counselor in what would turn out to be the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression was as far away from being my own employer as I could imagine! I hadn't finished college and even the classes that I had taken would not prepare me to patent a product and start my own company. There are no courses on finding a manufacturer to produce an "invention" or one that teaches you how to start a company with no experience or money! I had only one thing to do...figure it out!


While in route to a football game, I was in need of some last minute spirit gear.  I had a quick idea and stopped into a local store, buying the supplies that would become the very first pair of Spirit Fingerz.  My creation made up of gloves and pompoms on the fingertips was an instant hit at the game and the excitement I saw in other fans created the spark that would embody the business still today.


In December 2007 I applied to the US Patent and Trademark Office for a Utility Patent for my creation and was awarded the patent on February 2, 2010.  This may be my most notable personal achievement. By obtaining a patent for the product we have been afforded the opportunity to enter a somewhat saturated industry (retail product) with something new and fully protected by our company.


The name Spirit Fingerz™ came to me as quickly as the concept did. The first time someone asked me what I was wearing I responded with a quick move of my fingers pointed towards them and said…"spirit fingers." I toyed with a few other names but never found one that was as fitting as the original. For branding purposes, I changed the “s” to a “z” and trademarked Spirit Fingerz.


After a conversation and invitation for a meeting with Virginia Tech bookstore buyer Leslie Simmers, I made a trip to Blacksburg, Virginia that would change my life and career forever.  Starting with a few small loans from family members in 2007, I began making calls and educating myself on the business of manufacturing, sales, licensing and distribution. While on maternity leave in the summer of 2008, I launched the product into various mom and pop retail outlets around Virginia and North Eastern North Carolina. I never returned to my job and over the next few years, through various sales partnerships, licensing agreements and mentoring from the industry executives, I facilitated the growth from one pair of gloves out of my home office into a full-time venture with over 250,000 pairs sold.


In May 2014 Spirit Fingerz (and I) celebrated the company’s 7th anniversary and announced the most recent milestone. To maintain and promote the growth both domestically and internationally I named Scott Elliott as President and COO and moved all Internet operations to Anaheim, California where he will oversee the supply chain at various levels. I maintain my position as Founder and CEO and Spirit Fingerz Corporate offices remain in Virginia. To ensure every detail of the product is correct and the company is held to its original standard I continue working with all manufacturing and licensing partners to implement a reasonable growth expectation. My goal is simple: Spirit Fingerz For Life. This is the vision I had when applying for the patent years ago and this is how I will lead the company into its most radical years.  The product is not a one hit wonder that many predicted it would be; no, this company has proved its sustainability by continuing to develop new styles, in new markets to new customers. The company itself is comprised of many moving parts and there are hundreds if not thousands of people that make this happen every year; but its still one of America’s favorite success stories; starting from nothing and watching it grow and grow and grow.

The product line currently features over 500 SKUs of licensed teams from the NCAA, NFL, MLB, NHL and MLS.  If you are looking to purchase Spirit Fingerz with out a licensed logo, Colorz™ is our line assortment offered in more than 48 color combinations. This year we are introducing our Limited Edition Rugby Spirit Fingerz, which is available in our Top 6 color combinations.